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Need carpet cleaning in Albuquerque? Keep reading…


Xtreme Clean, LLC is the best company in Albuquerque, NM for quality carpet cleaning.

If you live in or around the Albuquerque area, you will love knowing that you have access to the best carpet cleaning Albuquerque, NM has to offer. Xtreme Clean has 20 years of experience in carpet cleaning and we are proud to offer you our services. Xtreme Clean serves both residential and commercial properties and even offers our services to your RVs and cars. We will bring our professional technicians to your home and in a timely manner to resolve your carpet stain dilemmas. You can find comfort in knowing that we are available day or night, just contact us with your carpet dilemmas and we can arrange to provide you with a quality carpet cleaning that makes your carpet not only look great but smell great as well.

We understand that it can be frustrating to deal with stubborn stains on your carpet, so call or contact us and we can help you address those issues. We will pre-treat every stain on your carpet and then we will thoroughly clean the carpet areas to remove any cleaning residues. We offer the Advanced Maxim carpet protection system which is safe for kids and pets. You’ll love how all of the old stains that you have been trying to cover up can be easily removed from your carpeting. You won’t have to use rugs or other pieces of furniture to cover your stains anymore. You can have guests in your home without having to worry about being embarrassed by the stains in your carpet.


Xtreme Clean provides the best carpet cleaning Albuquerque has to offer!

Xtreme Clean will be happy to treat and remove pet stains as well as stains from spilled drinks and food so that your home or business can look its best. You will love the money that you will save by not having to replace the carpeting in your home when you choose to have the carpeting cleaned. You can have your whole home cleaned for less than what it would cost you to have one room in your home’s carpeting replaced.

Clean carpeting can create a much healthier environment for your family helping to control dust and dander that stir up allergies for those that have not only allergies but also bronchial problems. They will be more comfortable in an environment that has had the carpeting cleaned. You will find comfort in knowing that you have provided the cleanest environment possible for your loved ones.

Before you consider replacing your carpeting that has stains or odors, make a smart choice by calling the carpet cleaning professionals at Xtreme Clean in Albuquerque, NM. You’ll be glad you did.