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Winter can be a hard time for businesses. Apart from the toll rain, snow and mud take on your floor as people walk across it, germs also spread quickly in this season. You must be extra alert to avert the possibility of a breakout of infections within the workplace.

The following winter office and carpet cleaning tips should help you maintain absolute cleanliness and hygiene, even when conditions aren’t very favorable.

  • Routine disinfection of touch areas

Alongside regular hand washing, you must also invest in a routine to disinfect touch areas. Landline phones are an example of items that should be routinely disinfected. Door handles and the reception area are also places you should consider disinfecting regularly.

  • Look for areas where dust settles and clean thoroughly

Dust carries grime and germs, which can cause cold and common flus. Unlike in the summer when the air is warm and dust tends to settle on open places, winters are cold, so dust won’t “fly” around. If you just wipe your windows and tables normally, you’re unlikely to catch all the dust. Instead, look for hidden places such as fan blades, window ledges, and dust balls in the corners of the floor and under furniture.

  • Wipe often

Winter is also a time when you use the heating system a lot. Apart from warming your offices, one thing heating systems are notorious for is circulating dust all over the place. This means that if you initially wiped only twice a day, you will now need to wipe three times or even more depending on other prevailing factors.

  • Deep clean carpets at least once every year

Of course, you can always clean more frequently depending on where the carpets reside. Business tends to return to normalcy in spring, so the end of winter makes a perfect time for cleaning. Door rugs will be trapping a lot of dirt in the winter as well, so they’ll also need thorough cleaning periodically.

  • Scrub out the Grime in your bathrooms

If you have bathrooms at your organization, regular scrubbing to remove grime is simply a must. You’ll be having several people sharing the bathroom, and this is where germs can also spread fast. Find a powerful detergent for this job.

Final tips

Winter isn’t the only season when you should be cleaning a lot; the office should always be clean regardless of the season. However, winter is generally a damp season and therefore known for fast spreading of germs. To be on the safe side, you need to clean, mop, and disinfect even more often.

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