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The most recommended thing to do in the initial phase of cleaning a carpet is to vacuum it. Carpets keep the flooring clean so it must also be kept clean to maintain the orderliness at home. To clean the deepest layers of the carpet, the top surface must be entirely cleaned. Vacuuming it first before washing helps remove all the particles that may cause an inconvenience while thoroughly cleaning the carpet. There are several benefits of having your carpet being vacuumed first before you start the major rug cleaning operation. The thorough cleaning process preserves the neatness in your household.

Here are the reasons why vacuum before cleaning is necessary:

  • The thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed carpets provide refreshing scent and elegant appearance necessary for a tidier and warmer home. Washing the carpet without vacuuming only result in dirty water thus producing an unpleasant smell. It would be a real inconvenience. The vacuum cleaner is one of the best-tipped tools in the process of carpet cleaning. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly used cleaning equipment.
  • With all the dirt and dust eliminated from the surface of the carpet, cleaning would be easier resulting in a more efficient cleaning. You can just only use a household vacuum cleaner before using a carpet washer. This has a great benefit, not only to the people inside the house but also to the pets in the household. You may find some missing items because it will block the hose of the vacuum.
  • Having proper sanitation management is a fundamental matter in a household. Maintaining the good condition of your carpet will heighten its lifespan making it more cost and time efficient. It will keep you from all kinds of hassles. It would also be good for a healthy state to have a hygienic environment. Vacuuming the carpet once a week is very much suggested to all the homeowners.

Before using a rug cleaner, keep in mind to always place the furniture far from the cleaning area. Carpet cleaning could be a do-it-yourself activity. There are two types of carpet cleaners, carpet washers, and handheld carpet spot cleaners. You can either buy or rent these kinds of cleaning materials. Make sure to choose the right type and read and follow the instructions in the manual carefully to avoid further troubles. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it again to remove the grit and sand on the surface so it will look nicer. Set proper time management for all these tasks to successfully finish the cleaning.


If you are looking for carpet cleaners that offer rug cleaning services in  Albuquerque, they surely have the best services that will greatly satisfy you. Nonetheless, it is best advised as proper maintenance because it can improve the performance and durability of the carpet. With a clean carpet, your home will be full of warm, cozy, and comfortable ambiance.