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These past few days, residents of the Duke City had been dealing with dusty and pollen-heavy air. Things seem to be getting worse if Albuquerque’s air quality alerts are any indication, especially as doctor visits become more frequent among people prone to allergies. Jorge Torres, a reporter from KOB Eyewitness News 4, has this report:

“In fact, April and May are the worst months for allergy sufferers in Albuquerque, with pollens ranging from Juniper to Cottonwoods floating through the city.

On dusty days like today, it’s the people with respiratory issues, including asthmatics, people with chronic lung problems, and emphysema, that have to be concerned.”

Normally, the best advice for this situation is for at-risk individuals to limit their outdoor activities and stay inside a well-ventilated room as often as possible. However, this may not be feasible if dust, pollen, and other particulates can make their way indoors.

Since these allergens tend to linger in carpets and rugs, spring is often the best time for homeowners to hire reliable carpet cleaners in Albuquerque, like Xtreme Clean LLC, to protect their health. Even if Duke City residents manage to prevent dust and pollen from permeating indoor spaces, these allergens aren’t the only things they have to worry about this spring.

Skin cells are another type of allergen usually found in carpets. On average, humans shed about 1.5 million dead skin cells each hour, making them more common than Juniper and Cottonwood pollen. Pet owners arguably have things much worse because they also have to deal with the skin flakes, oils, and tiny hairs (or “pet dander” as it’s collectively known) that their animal companions constantly shed. Finally, virtually any home has hundreds of thousands of dust mites indoors. About 10 to 30 percent of Americans are allergic to these tiny insects, whose waste products are also known to cause asthma and eczema.

While homeowners can explore various ways to get rid of these allergens without hiring the pros, most household carpet cleaning products contain potentially harmful chemicals like naphthalene and perchloroethylene. If used haphazardly, these chemicals can cause kidney and liver damage.

On the other hand, the methods and products reliable Albuquerque carpet cleaners such as Xtreme Clean LLC use are safer and more effective. Aside from monitoring air quality alerts, smart homeowners would do well to invest in quality carpet cleaning services to cope with spring allergies.

(Source: Dust and pollen causing more doctor visits in ABQ, KOB Eyewitness News 4, April 30, 2014)