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The right carpet can look great in your home and last for years, but it still needs a deep cleaning periodically. There are some great Albuquerque carpet cleaning services near you that will give your carpet the attention it needs, but you need to know when it’s time for a good carpet cleaning. Here are some signs that this time has come.

Your Carpet Hasn’t Been Cleaned in Over a Year

If it’s been over a year since you’ve had your carpet cleaned, you should definitely contact a carpet cleaning service sooner rather than later. Even if you live by yourself with no children or pets and you’re careful about not spilling anything on your floor, your carpet will still have collected enough dirt and dust to warrant a cleaning after 12 months. If you have children, pets, or regular company coming and going, you might have to schedule carpet cleanings more frequently than once a year.

Your Carpet is Dull and Dirty

A visibly dirty carpet obviously needs to be cleaned, but you should call a good carpet cleaning service in Albuquerque even if your carpet looks dull and lifeless. A deep and thorough carpet cleaning can breathe new life into even the dullest-looking carpet, so consider calling a cleaning service near you if your floors aren’t looking their best anymore. As long as the carpet itself isn’t actually damaged, a deep cleaning should revitalize it.

There Are Visible Stains

Even if your carpets look mostly perfect, you might still have the odd stain from some spilled coffee or red wine. These kinds of stains are notoriously difficult for most people to remove on their own, but most carpet cleaning services will be well-equipped to handle these messes. Contact a cleaning service near you if you notice any stains on your carpet. It will be a lot easier to get rid of them if you act quickly.

You Have Allergy Symptoms

A carpet cleaning service does more than just help your carpets look their best; they can also improve the health of your home by getting rid of all the dust, dander, and any other allergens that might be trapped in your carpets. If you or anybody else in your family has been experiencing upper respiratory problems or any other allergy symptoms, your carpets may be to blame. It is especially important to have your carpets cleaned regularly if you know that you or someone else in your family has allergies that could be triggered by a dirty or dusty carpet.

Quality Carpet Cleaning from Xtreme Clean, LLC

If you need quality Albuquerque carpet cleaning services, Xtreme Clean, LLC will be glad to help you. We have over 25 years of experience in the carpet cleaning business, and we are proud to provide residential or commercial cleaning services to clients throughout the Albuquerque area. If you would like to learn more about the carpet cleaning services that we offer as well as our upholstery and tile cleaning services, contact Xtreme Clean today.