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two girls and a brown dog covering in a white blanketEveryone attempts their best to keep their pets clean, but with a busy schedule, the best you can do might not be the best for your family. Even a pet that is ordinarily considered to be clean might turn out to be a haven for harmful germs and bacteria.


Pets are very worthy companions considering that they love unconditionally without demanding anything in return for their affection. Most cat and dog owners would not trade them for anything, and this becomes a problem when they are the cause of medical problems. They would do anything to find working solutions that will guarantee perfect health and at the same time give them the chance to keep their pets.


Pets are mostly carriers of allergens that stimulate allergic reaction because they trigger the immune system to overreact. Pets carry these allergens in literally everything that comes from their body, including urine, saliva, and fur. Giving away your pet may not be the solution, since either way, the allergens could still find their way to you. It is thus critical to come up with methods that will ensure minimal exposure to allergens controlling them whenever necessary.


Washing the dog more than once a week and ensuring that it is clean and its fur combed will help. Cleaning you carpet frequently is another way of reducing allergic reactions—it’s best to get a carpet cleaning company for this. It would also be useful to remove carpets entirely and replace them with hard surfaces since they are less likely to retain fur. Polished surfaces work well.


Another ideal way of managing dander is by reducing curtains since cats are more likely to hide under them and leave allergens as they move. You should also wash bedding and tightly cover pillows and mattresses.


Remember that your pet is not the problem; you should consider finding professional pet urine cleaning services. Since the specific protein in their dander is what causes allergies, cleanliness is the only way to tackle the problem. Get rid of allergies while still keeping your four-legged companion—it is as easy as that.


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