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If you live in a home with several carpeted surfaces, you will know how difficult it can be to keep a carpet clean. Even if you are diligent in cleaning up spills and regularly vacuuming your floors, there is always something that is overlooked. These messes will build up over time, and pretty soon you will have carpets that are far dirtier than you might realize. This is why you need a quality carpet cleaning company for your home. Fortunately, Xtreme Clean is able to provide you with the service that you need for your home.


Advanced Techniques with an Attention to Detail


Two things that set Xtreme Clean apart from other Albuquerque carpet cleaning companies are our advanced cleaning methods and our close attention to detail. We use the most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning system to remove ground-in stains and any dirt that may have settled deep into your carpet, and we pay close attention to spots, high-traffic areas, and odors that are often overlooked. We also offer additional services such as carpet repair, and Teflon carpet protection.

Of course, the most important quality that we possess is our devotion to customer satisfaction. We understand that every carpet has its own requirements when it comes to cleaning and repair, and we will work closely with our clients to make sure that they are happy with our results. Some clients may only require a relatively quick carpet shampoo, while others may need us to work on stains or move furniture to make sure that every part of their carpeted floor is clean.

At Xtreme Clean, we believe in doing everything that we can to keep our clients satisfied. For more information about our quality carpet cleaning services, or any other services we offer, contact Xtreme Clean, LLC today.