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Like everything else in your home, the upholstery on your home’s furniture will start to look dirty after a while. You might spill things on your upholstery, or maybe the sand and dust that is just a part of living in Albuquerque eventually takes its toll. In any case, there will come a time when even the best furniture will no longer look its best. While you do have the option of buying all new furniture or having it reupholstered, both of those options can get expensive. Instead, consider calling Xtreme Clean, a professional upholstery cleaning company, and having us clean your upholstery.


Why You Need an Upholstery Cleaning Service


Upholstery cleaning services can be endlessly useful if you want all of your furniture to look its best. Not only will you have a cleaner home overall, but you won’t have to worry about sacrificing your home’s existing decor so that you can have spotless new upholstery.

People are understandably attached to some of their furniture. Some homeowners will search far and wide for the right chair or couch that looks perfect in their living room, while others have antique pieces of furniture that have been in their families for generations. Nobody wants to give furniture like this up, and buying new upholstery is akin to buying all new furniture anyway. Besides, new upholstery will eventually get dirty and require a cleaning before long anyway.

If you would love brand new furniture or upholstery, but can’t afford it, you will be happy to know that our upholstery cleaning–including car upholstery cleaning–are ideal for making even the oldest and most worn pieces of furniture look beautiful again. You can give your home a classy look that you and your family will love, and since you won’t have to pay for new furniture, you will be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Upholstery Cleaning by Xtreme Clean


Xtreme Clean aims to be the leader in upholstery cleaning in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. No matter what kind of furniture you have or how dirty it may be, we will always do everything we can to make you love it again. We work closely with all of our clients to make sure that they are satisfied with our work and that their furniture still looks great in their homes. We use industry-standard equipment and techniques on all of the upholstery we clean, no matter what kind of fabric it may be.

We at Xtreme Clean believe that no piece of furniture is too dirty or beyond saving. In addition to upholstery cleaning, we clean carpets, tile, grout, floor cleaning, and any other surface that might need cleaning in your home. We also provide 24-hour emergency flood services and emergency water cleanup, since we know that accidents will happen when it is the least convenient.

For more information about our upholstery cleaning services as well as the other services that we have to offer, contact Xtreme Clean today.