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There are many things that homeowners in New Mexico do to keep the air inside their homes clean and free of pollutants, but what many others fail to take into consideration is that their flooring can be just as responsible for spreading airborne germs and diseases as surfaces and structures aboveground are. Your carpet for instance, could be a breeding ground for bacteria, and unless you get efficient Albuquerque carpet cleaning services, it will significantly affect indoor air quality.

Carpet Cleanliness

Carpet fibers tend to collect dust, dirt and debris, and this could easily allow bacteria to grow and develop. Aside from unattended and unmaintained ones, though, older carpets also are the most susceptible to attracting germs, dander, mold and mildew, so there will come a point when you will have no choice but to replace it.

Possible Health Problems

There are quite a number of potential health issues arising from the pollutants and hazards found in a dirty carpet, including skin irritation, respiratory problems, constant fatigue, or persistent coughs and colds. Many people also get allergic reactions from the dust, fungi, dander, and even tiny insects that rugs sweep into the circulating air. This is why every homeowner must make it a point to inspect his flooring and run a vacuum through it at least once daily.

Installing Tips

In the installation phase itself, you can already begin the fight to keep your carpets clean and healthy. Here are some tips from Diana Rodriguez as written in

  • Air out the carpet before it’s installed. Have it unrolled outside or in a well-ventilated room.
  • Ask that the installers use low-emission adhesives to install the carpet or, instead of using adhesives, consider just tacking down the carpeting without glue.
  • Make sure carpets are installed according to the proper standards.
  • Keep the room with the new carpeting well ventilated — open windows, and use fans or an air conditioner for two to three days after installation to circulate the air pollutants and chemicals right out of your home.
  • Don’t stay in your home during and right after installation.
  • Follow instructions for caring for and cleaning your carpets to remove allergens and contaminants.

Aside from these tips, it’s also good to get professional carpet cleaning from Albuquerque, NM contractors, like Xtreme Clean, LLC. Cleaning services from the pros should help ensure that no stain, grime or caked dirt remains hidden within the deeper ends of your carpet fibers.

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