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Carpet Cleaning Service Albuquerque — Have you ever wondered what the difference was between cleaning your carpet and having a professional clean your carpet? Mike McClain of Xtreme Clean explains the importance of having carpets cleaned by a professional. For more info check out the Xtreme Clean website.

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A question I get all the time: “What’s the difference between me cleaning my carpet and having the pros do it?” Well, machinery that we use is ten to twenty times more powerful than any portable equipment on the market today or rented at your local department store. Our technicians have years of experience in cleaning carpets and upholstery and in addition to that, warranties are often voided by major carpet manufacturers if you do it yourself. Using a certified carpet cleaner is always recommended by carpet manufacturers.

I hope you found this information helpful. We have many more great videos on our website along with a free report on how to avoid problems when hiring a carpet cleaner. Just go to our Specials Page. I’ll also give you a $95 three room Xtreme Clean certificate to use if you decide to work with us. Once again, go to our Special Page. Thanks.