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A recreational vehicle, or RV, is one of the perfect vehicles to use when you’re out on an adventure with your loved ones this summer. However, as Randy Lowe indicates in Professional Carwashing and Detailing magazine, nature has its own ways of leaving its mark inside your vehicle.

“RV carpeting is the same carpeting you’ll find in your home today. RV carpets are in the same colors and pile heights, and it’s the same type of carpet used in over 70 percent of the residences in the United States today.

When it comes to cleaning your residential carpet most of you would call a professional carpet cleaner, but there are differences between the types of dirt found in a residence and the dirt found in a car or RV. You won’t typically find oil drippings or melting tar on the carpet at home – but that’s exactly what you’ll find, along with gravel or mud from the shoulder of the road – in an RV.”

Albuquerqueans can relate to using RVs to have fun. The RV culture in the Q was boosted with the city hosting production of the hit TV seriesBreaking Bad, and there are many RV parks and campgrounds to choose from. If you’re an RV owner who needs to keep your prized rig’s interiors in good condition, trust experts at auto carpet cleaning in Albuquerque like Xtreme Clean to find a way.

The carpeting used in RVs are similar to the regular residential carpeting you see at home. They are made of either natural fibers like wool or synthetic materials such as polypropylene. However, outdoor environments will strain the material to the limit if you come back after a long day in the boonies.

When submitting your RV to intensive carpet cleaning in Albuquerque, NM, ask your cleaning professional about the kinds of equipment that are highly effective in an RV interior. Lowe says that a dry vapor steamer, a hot water extractor, and a shop-type vacuum cleaner, among others, work well in stripping debris from the carpet. Hot-water extractors are vital, for example, in dousing surfaces affected by oil and grease, which can then be dislodged with high pressure water.

As for the upholstery cleaning, Lowe states that the principles and tools used in cleaning car upholstery are also applicable to RVs. This is significant considering that upholstery in RV fixtures, such as the captain’s chair and barrel seats, are made of quality stain-resistant leather.

A clean interior from top to bottom is always good to have when your RV is ready to rock and roll in the great outdoors. Companies such as Xtreme are capable of taking that pristine appearance to the limit.

(Source: RV carpet and upholstery cleaning, Professional Carwashing and Detailing, March 24, 2010)