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24-Hour Emergency Flood Restoration Services 

When your home has been subjected to damage from a burst water pipe, an extremely heavy rain, or even flooding from the overflowed banks of a nearby body of water, it’s very likely that you’ll experience damage to your furniture and carpet. When this happens, it’s very much to your advantage to have those items cleaned and restored as soon as possible. That’s why our carpet cleaning service is made available as a 24-hour emergency flood services option to our customers. Contact us as soon as possible and the damage can be properly assessed, and we’ll be there to begin the process of restoration.


Why immediate restoration is necessary

Most likely in the aftermath of a genuine flood, you’ll have a lot of issues to resolve, and you may not think of the furniture or carpeting as a top priority. However, it’s beneficial to deal with a damaged carpet as soon as possible for several reasons. Whenever carpets, upholstery, or rugs are not properly dried out, they can easily become a breeding ground for mold and various types of harmful bacteria.

When carpets are only partially dried out after exposure to water, they can also develop a fairly unpleasant odor, which your household occupants will definitely notice. If the damage from flooding is severe enough, there can be a number of unsightly stains that remain once the water recedes, and the stains will be difficult to remove without professional intervention.

It’s also true that when water penetrates the fabric of your carpet, the weave can be loosened, the glue can be weakened or completely destroyed, and significant, long-lasting damage can be imparted to your carpet. The sooner these issues are treated by a professional, the better chance you have of restoring the carpet to its original condition and of having a very usable and attractive carpet for several more years of usage.


Why you should choose Xtreme Clean, LLC

The owner of Xtreme Clean, LLC Mike McClain, has been providing carpet cleaning services since 1991. In 2000, Mike established Xtreme Clean as the premier carpet cleaning service in the entire region and has added many related services since then to provide even greater value to area residents.

Emergency flood restoration in Albuquerque is one of these services, and has become a particular specialty of the company since its original addition. With more than a quarter century of experience at carpet cleaning and flood restoration services, Xtreme Clean is the first company you should call when your carpet has undergone any kind of water damage.

Apart from the solid years of experience in the industry, Xtreme Clean professionals are all well-trained and highly skilled specialists who can handle any kind of water damage to your carpets. You can expect your carpet to be cleaned thoroughly and to have the job done right the first time with no follow-up treatments necessary. We also understand the importance of acting quickly in cases of water damage, so when you call Xtreme Clean, we’ll have a specialist at your home or business place as quickly as possible.